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Monday, 12 April 2010

Carrick Mat with two different Paracord colors

Carrick mat

Carrick Mat with two different Paracord colors

A Carrick mat is actually a series of knots based on the Carrick bend and one of the easiest Turks head knots to Master. It will form a flat mat which may be used as a pad or it can make a cylinder around the opening in the center.
I give it a try, its not as easy as it looks but needs to be patient. For this one i used 4,3 m Paracord >> 2,8 m Dark OD and 1,5 m Coyote Tan.

Made with paracord, it makes a nice coaster, a mat to lay your keys, flashlight, knife, multitool on to keep from scratching up your nightstand or dresser.

You can always unravel it in an emergency situation and deploy the paracord.
Please read the Customer Guidelines

Think you like it. I await your comments.

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