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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Alternate Square Sinnets Key Lanyard

 This is an Alternate Square Sinnets Key Lanyard by double both sides. I use 2 x 0,80m two color 550 Paracord and for the edges and midle i used 4 x 0,60 m of  1.8 mm Polyester cord and a metal split key ring.
Its a little bit tricky when you tie it because its 12 cords 3 from each side.

Please read the Customer Guidelines

Think you like it. I await your comments. 


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  2. This sinnet is pretty awesome. I like the choices of color and the 12 cords is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow this is fantastic! Beautiful! It is great to know how paracord knots beautifully worked together with this color choice. I love it!

  4. Pretty cool. I think I gotta have one of these. I really love lanyards and I've long been collecting them. I also love customization so, both goes perfect together. But, for my collection, I won't settle for less. I make sure to have the 'made to perfection' lanyards, which are all cool yet, very affordable. Thanks for posting! ;)