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Friday, 30 August 2013

Alternate ParacordCube

Hi all,

Its been more than a year that i haven't post here..... I am sorry. I will try to be more responsible from now on....:) So for today i got a "NEW" design that i call it "Alternate ParacordCube". I made that with a 550 Mil gutted Paracord and have add a Venetian Blinds cord 1.8 for make it more fancy...... This one its looks like KTM colors. Hope u like it

After too many request i upload the "Paracord Cube" map



  1. Hi I like so much!! Can you help me to make one? thanks

    1. Give an email and i will send you a map of how to....


  2. Hi Paracord my mail is popitalavera@hotmail.com. thanks a lot

  3. Hey, I like it very much. I want to do this, though. If you are not difficult to come to me, please, how to do it. My mail kievpostbox@mail.ru .
    Thank you in advance. Good luck!

  4. very interesting piece
    can I have, please 666deather666@mail.ru
    Thank a lot in advance. Good luck!

  5. send me to please kajchenoma@gmail.com

  6. I updated it with the Paracord Cube map so now you know how to make one of this....:)

    Good luck to all of also, just let me know if you can make one

  7. Cool! I think i will feature it on my website:paracordcentral.org. Although I am pretty sure I will need to see a youtube vid on it :).


  8. Can you please send me the instuction to make this to my email: jmerhi@gmail.com